As my dearest friend, or maybe it was an iconic character, who really knows, once said: There’s a little bit of truth in every grain of sarcasm.

There is also depth to and value in a number of cliches we hear bandied about come a new year. We, and now I mean I, because I am no royal, get tired of reading any number of these saccharine advisements. I am wary of those who proclaim all that joyousness and endless gratitude and how they are so present every moment and ugh it’s tiresome. Just do it and stop TALKING about it.

Ever the grinch! See, not really. I cannot fault these folks because now it’s my turn to write about it.

There are morsels of joy available where you let them be available. Gratitude is all relative. You have no choice but to be present if you are physically somewhere and conscious; you do have a choice whether to be engaged in a particular moment.

My low(er) drama approach is to keep as much as I can in perspective.  A few scenarios for you:

1) Yesterday there was no sun visible in the sky. It was dreary in and out. What little green there is in the environment looks extra green under grey skies.

2) It is Midwest-style cold outside today. I am thanking my long down coat for holding up for its seventh New York winter.

3) I was able to enjoy Mellow Little Person absolutely to the fullest yesterday afternoon and this morning as the blizzard cut short a workday. I put my phone down, closed my computer, and played blocks, “covers” (the ultimate uncomplicated game), trains, tent, and ball. We read every book he owns, some four times.

Winter is a beast, but it can be a really cute beast.