Marathon Sunday. When something seems far away; really when it IS far off in the calendar’s future, when it is the calendar’s future, not mine and/or my family’s, I can be ruthlessly objective. Yes, that will happen. Oh right; that.

New Yorker or not, you likely know that the New York City Marathon is THIS SUNDAY. This weekend. It is no longer a few screen swipes or turned pages away. It is basically right now.

I am most excited to run with an actual crowd of spectators. My first two marathons were quiet. Beautifully scenic race courses and almost nobody watching.

For New York, well, I am on the edge of my (there will be no) seat on the ferry. Actual people cheering! I love people cheering! I will cheer for the cheer-ers. Maybe you have seen me at a running event in NYC; I yell for the crowd, and thank the police officers and the volunteers. Low on drama, high on theatrics; that’s my motto.

My race will be “slow”. I will be out there for a minimum of 5 hours, probably 5.5. I can’t wait. The elite field will be finishing (finishing!!) as I finish mile #1.

I will be using the run to appreciate what my life and my family has allowed and encouraged me to do, to appreciate my health, to be grateful to the core for No-Fuss Dad and Mellow Little Person and looking forward to the heat blanket after I cross the finish.

I will be using the run to cheer for everyone else in front of and behind me (all 5 or 6 of them behind me, natch), to pretend to plan the next 5-10 years (forces of nature, are you laughing?), and to soak in the glorious, enormous, flawed, extraordinary town that New York City is.

See you out there.