No, not MiuMiu, although Fashion Week just ended. Though I had NOTHING to do with Fashion Week. Well maybe one person who had something to do with Fashion Week had a workout here. No Fuss Dad and I were heavily involved in planning for preschool “stuff”.

Mellow Little Person has new mimicking skills. If we weren’t watching our mouths before this new phase, you bet your rear we are watching them now. I personally may not have watched my mouth um, enough.

A few weeks ago, MLP dropped a spoon and said “uh oh damn”. No, for reals. He did. Do you have any idea the restraint I had to summon not to roll on the floor laughing? 

Now he copies everything.  This is a big learning opportunity. This is sponge-brain time, people. This is why you hear parents speaking very loudly at our children, very demonstratively, because THIS IS THE TIME THEY WILL ABSORB EVERYTHING. Everything. Put that in your coffee. We have a big job to do here. I have to teach him to drink coffee. Wait, I have to teach him the alphabet. That’s it. The alphabet.

As per the mooing, well, I am realizing that the moo sound is just so close to the Mommy Mom Mama sound.  Of COURSE it’s the first animal of vocabulary. Well, after alligator and bear and cat, duh. 

Mooing always gets ’em.