Non-alcoholic beer and chocolate milk. My favorite recovery beverages. I would so totally have real beer except when you have just run 16+ miles hydration really trumps getting drunk, and getting drunk when you’ve just run 16+ miles is easy, but I do not recommend it. 

Coming off a long run is kind of like walking around drunk already. You are perhaps unsteady on your feet, you might feel like you want to throw up a little, the world has a spinning-ish quality to it, and if you sit down (not recommended post-run) you probably really will not want to get back up on your feet.

Wait so why do we do this?

Trust you me, it is not for weight loss. Running longer and longer distances is a formula for appetite to increase.

Trust you me it is not because the running itself feels amazing. It’s fine, really. It’s totally bearable. But it is purple-toed, salt-encrusted, sweat- blinded, thigh-chafing (mine touch, and Body Glide can only do so much, though it is a miracle) bearable.

And it’s not because I’m trying to do it quickly! If I am running fast, friends, it is because I am running for NOT VERY LONG AT ALL, thank you. Or there is something chasing me. Preferably, the former.

So, why?

Because it is a privilege to have the time to do it. It is a privilege to have the time to be with my streamlined thought process. When much of my other energy is poured in to running in a relatively straight line so as not to scare tourists, make cyclists crash, or confuse other runners, I feel a strange, welcome, sanguine clarity.

And once I have eaten enough post-run, the clarity returns and Monday’s a lot easier to embrace.