New York City is stunning today. There is a breeze. It is pretty dry. The sun is out but the temperature hasn’t even hit 75F.

It feels like; it feels like September outside. There is hope and promise in the air. There are people who needed to wear a jacket this morning. A jacket. It’s August 5th.

This is my definition of weather paradise. Fall, around the corner.

You know what else is around the corner? NURSERY SCHOOL. In saner parts of the world, there are sweet neighborhood nursery schools and daycares every few blocks, or there’s the local Montessori or there are a lot of reasonably priced options (look, I live in NYC, so I am making these ridiculous assumptions about what it may be like elsewhere to comfort myself. Bear with me.)

But this is Manhattan. For the cost of many a private nursery program, we might as well hire a governess. 

I’m just saying.