I could not help some mind-scrambled playing on words. This marks the first time I have packed last-minute for a trip with Mellow Little Person! What? Last-minute? That is a recipe for trouble. Possibly other ingredients in this recipe for trouble are:

  1. We are taking an afternoon flight. Both nap and bedtime are gettin’ messed with. Whoa.
  2. MLP is now of steady walking age. Which means all he wants to do is walk-a walk-a walk-a which is amazing at the playground, at gymnastics class, in big grassy fields, and in giant museums. It is not really amazing in the single aisle of a plane.
  3. I am scared of this flight. I may not have it all together today. I may have to follow my own advice: be civil, be kind, keep apologies to the necessary, stick with what works, everything has an endpoint so yes the flight will land.

Blogiverse say a little prayer for me today? And for my fellow passengers? I mean, MLP is seriously adorable (seriously, I am not just biased here, I swear.) but he is perhaps less adorable while squawking and squirming.