1. Anything cryptic. Using a post to deliver big serious important or terrible sad news should mean clarity and brevity, not an image that could also be a joke.
  2. Photos without captions. I am looking at your pictures. I am practically dying to know where they were taken and of whom they are. Call me old-fashioned.
  3. Post in-fighting. ’cause that’s successful. This also includes the overemotional response, or any response, really, to what is often obvious trolling in political posts.
  4. Debates anywhere except for maybe Twitter, I suppose, because at least responses have a chance to be brief. Alas, political posts. 
  5. Detailing your illnesses, especially when you are in a service profession. Especially if you are “friends” with your clients. If I were your client and knew about those horrible awful symptoms, I would wait a lot longer to see you again than the one appointment you might miss.

x Lowdramamama