Just when you think Western Civilization has enough problems, along comes someone to give you yet another reason to be worried. The time around our prophet of doom is Professor Charles A. Czeisler from Harvard Medical School, who informs us in his recent article in Nature that both children and adults in America are sleeping less and less. The culprit is not the Keurig machine, as devilishly alluring as it is. The culprit is artificial light.

And here I thought my sleep deprivation was attributable to my household’s potent combo of little boys.

No, apparently it is electric light that is the culprit; as the Professor writes, “The more we light up our lives, the less we sleep.” It not just the overhead lighting that is causing this, but all the light given off by our beloved little electronic gizmos like smart phones, tablets, and TVs. And lest one be…

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