I ran the Hamptons Marathon in 2009. At almost a leisurely pace. I ran San Francisco in 2010. Also, nice and slow. 

Nose to grindstone, or rather, feet to pavement, I ran enough and volunteered with New York Road Runners to qualify for an entry to the 2011 New York Marathon.

As it happened, I was 39 weeks pregnant, and I’m no Amber Miller, so I deferred entry to 2012. Hurricane Sandy beat up NYC and surrounding areas and the 2012 marathon was canceled. NYRR offered options, and I took them up on a guaranteed entry to the NYC Half. It was absolutely worth it. I think I announced out loud that I was done with marathons. A half is my favorite distance, after all.

Then it was May 24th and I received the fateful e-mail from NYRR. There were only hours to  register for the lottery drawing for a non-guaranteed entry to the 2013 NYC Marathon. Blargh! Do I REALLY want to do this again? Long runs? On hot days? Soreness? Up-at-dawn? Up BEFORE Mellow Little Person? Almost every weekend?

The answer is:apparently yes. Yes I do. Only now I have to wait. I probably won’t make it in. But I MIGHT. You never know.