No-Fuss Dad and Mellow Little Person and I had a staycation this weekend. Today we made our friends and family come to us- in exchange, we grilled for them and got them tipsy. Everybody happy!

MLP played very sweetly with another MLP- who has the same name, and is mere three days older. Be still our parental beating hearts that was outrageously cute.

Whenever we eat with friends we haven’t seen in a while, or perhaps don’t see too often, there’s always a friend who looks at my plate, and in surprise, asks really do I eat meat? Today No-Fuss Dad formulated wicked good burgers out of delicious grass-fed/local/humanely raised ground beef from Dickson’s Farm Stand Meats with some extra-awesome ingredients: Lurpak butter and saved bacon fat. The burgers weren’t exactly kosher, but they were pretty low impact otherwise.

NFD and I don’t eat much meat. Red meat we probably have twice a month. We eat chicken once a week, maybe twice. An occasional pork chop. Mostly we eat plants. Consuming less meat is primarily a health issue; there are complete proteins to be had from all manner of plants. Our ethical objections are to how appalling conditions are for conventional livestock, overuse of antibiotics, and unsafe conditions for the human workers- we do not object to decent living conditions and a humane slaughter; we do object to terrible conditions. Consequently, we try not to eat meat products unless we can be relatively sure of how the animal was brought up and how it was ended. Before we further end it with deliciousness, that is.