I’ve got nothing against salt, sugar or fat in real food cooked at home or in a conscious kitchen.  I have no issue with real food treats on an occasional basis. I have a huge problem with the unbelievable and ever-increasing amount of all three ingredients in processed foods that are marketed especially aggressively to families and kids and to those seeking convenience. 

This book was very much preaching to my choir. That said, it’s crucial information. No, snack manufacturers aren’t part of a giant evil conspiracy to ruin health and expand waistlines. But YES they are only in it for the money; this is a harsher view than you will usually hear me take. Very few corporations are looking out for the consumer. Least of all snack and food makers. 

Certainly they shouldn’t have to make our food decisions. However, I dare you to read this book and not walk away from it enraged by at least one, if not most aspects of the evolution of these ingredients in the food supply. Start reading labels if you don’t already.