Are you: Willing to eat a Cheerio off the floor? A chicken nugget? Broccoli florets? Hummus? (Okay, not hummus off the floor. Ick. )

Are you: Excited, or at least neutral, about multitasking?

If not, you could starve.

Are you: Able to wear a mixing bowl as a hat? Comfortable carrying a backpack, a frontpack, a bag in each hand and shoes on several fingertips while walking down the street and answering the call back from the pediatrician? Keen on making up songs about, well, everything? (Note, singing voice not required. But this is a critical skill that will get you through lots of hours. Lots. Trust me.)

Do you: Forgive yourself? (This is pass/fail. You have to be able to forgive yourself. Your child will roll off the bed, trip on something you left on the floor, look at you as if you are a criminal when you use the death ray, I mean, the ear thermometer… )

Will you: Let little things go (a load of laundry that can wait ’til morning? A toy that could be washed tomorrow? An appointment that can be made for next week? A snappish response?) Look at the big picture? (What kiddo eats in a week, not in an hour? How much sleep in a 24 hour period, not the 22 minute nap mornings?)

Can you: Remember your own name and what day it is? Ha! Trick question. This is not required.