Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own and the Internet: Picture Day

I can’t believe MLP was ever this little. MLP still nursing 17 months later.

Inevitably in a nursing discussion someone says: Oh, I don’t mind, as long as someone is discrete.

You know what? I don’t care. Never have. You want to be topless and nurse your any-age baby? You will not get drama from me.

On a plane, a train, at a park, in a restaurant, at the Apple Store, on the Highline, at the mall, in line at the post office, at the coffee shop; it’s all fine.

You will also get no drama from me if your baby is not a boob baby. It’s not my business. One of my dearest friends, a fellow blogmistress, though she happens to be an extraordinarily talented photographer (uh, I’m not. Don’t ever hand me a camera. Not even your iPhone. I’ll mess up the picture. Guaranteed.) gave me the best parenting advice ever. Ready?

Do what works for you and don’t apologize.