Well hello there, and almost goodbye, Monday. Aren’t you an interesting blur? It was almost 5p before I realized fully that it was you. I had already had breakfast, lunch and a snack. I had already woken up 3 times after midnight to a stricken MLP, who did go back to sleep but as any parent knows, the kiddo’s eyes closing don’t guarantee your eyes closing. 

You, Monday, are a character. You are so sneaky. It is as if Sunday didn’t happen. 

If Sunday was a cat curled up on the couch cushion then you, Monday, are the human vacuuming those cushions. Everything’s fine and good and sleepy and WHOOOOOOOOSHH VVVRRRRMMMMMMMM you knock Sunday off its cushion and it’s time to get up. Now it’s dinnertime.

I think the trickiest thing about every day is living in the right here present moment. I barely remember the previous 14 hours because too many I spent processing what was going to happen next, rather than what was happening right then. 

You know when you go on a trip (let’s say you actually get a vacation!) and it takes a few days to decompress. It takes a few days really to relax. I propose applying the present moment strategy to the first few hours. The moment you are on that plane, that boat, or you are on that train, or in that car, take a breath, look around, and decide your vacation starts there.

I propose also that you (I!!) apply a similar strategy to Monday. Treat Monday with a healthy respect by pre-emptively beginning (or continuing) to unwind on Sunday evening. Don’t mope about Sunday  as if it were the morbid conclusion to your weekend joy and leisure. 

Grab Monday and shake it up before it vacuums the couch. Then hang out with it. Savor it. Expand it.