Remember Crunch Gym’s “No Judgment” campaign (and central philosophy, apparently?)

What I remember is not believing them at all. There is nothing but judgment in this town- some of it is good fun. Some of it is meaner than a skinny goose.  (Anyone want to stand up for geese? As far as I know the feathered bastards are basically lying in wait to launch violent attacks on anyone near ponds. Careful, near-pond dwellers.)

NYC is a hotbed of gotta-see-what-everyone-else-is-doing and got-an-opinion-about-it. I would like to say I am above judging others, but let’s be honest. OF COURSE I JUDGE OTHERS, even if I only for a few moments at a time. Parenting is filled with choices, almost all of which are readily judged by fellow parents and non-parents alike.  We could have about 1000% more compassion for our compatriots. I tend to redress my initial call about anything I am tempted to judge further.

I wish I could be so quick to undo snap judgments of myself. Yesterday was an exercise in relaxing a couple of hilarious bars I had set rather high for us and MLP and really, kind of arbitrarily.

Yesterday (and today, poor little moppet) Mellow Little Person was under the weather. MLP’s capacity for frustration, and accompanying energy was much lower than normal for a Saturday. The same could be said for both me (half marathon) and No-Fuss Dad (70 mile ride), except that we did those things to ourselves. Poor little caught a bug, and carries only germs, not responsibility.

MLP was (is) experiencing a very busy belly, which does unspeakable things to diapers and cannot possibly be fun. MLP still nurses and is pretty well hydrated, but still the pediatrician’s recommendation was to offer juice. Be still my urban hippie heart. We’ve never offered fruit juice. MLP drinks boob juice and water. We wanted to hold water up as the right choice since nursing won’t stop anytime real soon but will stop eventually. Juice is so, um, uh…sweet. It’s so…appealing. So we diluted it 3:1 water to juice and filled the blue sippy cup with beverage love.

What do you know? No cracks opened up in the floor. No apocalyptic storms raged. MLP’s eyes opened a little wider. And I let go a little of some silly idea I thought was the only way.

Moments later, I turned to No-Fuss Dad and said, what do you think of letting him see some television?

P.S. Well played, Nick JR, well played.