Dear NYC and LA and lots of spots in between, oh and Brazil and Russia, and lots of other places,

Your relentless pursuit of youth is exhausting. Striving to remove signs of aging from your face and body DOES NOT MAKE YOU LOOK YOUNG. It makes you look CREEPY.  If you are really aiming to look great, stop equating the absence of lines with looking great. Stop getting the same 3 noses and 2 sets of cheekbones. Stop obliterating your facial expressions.

When did we get so anti-age? How is it not suspicious that many actors from our favorite 80s films LOOK ALMOST THE SAME TODAY AS THEY DID THEN? As if 25-30 years didn’t happen. Uh huh. Looking at you, Demi Moore.

I’m not just being naive here, people. I know casting directors aren’t interested much in a certain demographic, as in kind of anyone over 30 but under 70 (you know, most of you, most of everyone you know, most of your immediate family, the people with spending power), unless their project is about VERY OLD PEOPLE. (Hollywood very old:65+. Real life very old:95).

This is not an aesthetic set in stone. WE CREATED IT. Our exposure to younger and younger faces, more intensely photoshopped and altered faces, in all streams of advertising and media, has begun to make it seem absolutely shocking to see, GASP, a  crinkle at the corner of an eye, a line to the side of the nose, a freckle on a cheek, a (goodness forbid) dark circle. These things are now viewed as “imperfections”, condescendingly called charming, at best, or at worst, derided as tired, ruined, or over. 

Magazines will chime in with even more patronizing tag lines “Love your imperfections”, “Embrace your differences”. Wait a minute. Who defined perfect or mainstream in the first place? Who opposite the article about loving yourself for who you are tells you just as quickly to buy a cream that is almost as good as a dermatological procedure? When was the transition from selling sex to selling youth almost totally completed?

I love faces. I love your happy fresh faces and your tired sad faces. I love your lined, spotted, wrinkled faces. I love your plump dewy pore-free faces.I love your in-between sleep and waking face with creases.  Please bring back at least some of the normal aging process. Please rein in the terrifying hunt for smoothness. It’s scary.