Everywhere has noise. NYC and its fellow urban meccas may have it worst of all. Why pile on your risk of hearing loss with your workout? Fitness fans- Flywheel, SoulCycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, CoreFusion, Zumba, 30/60/90, any fun loud group classes I am missing here. 1) Keep it up! Obviously do what you love, whatever it is that keeps you off the couch. BUT 2) WEAR EARPLUGS.

I am convinced there will be an epidemic of hearing loss among you if you do not take steps to prevent it. Now, I may be a big, stubborn, stodgy stick in the mud on this issue. It’s true; I turn EVERYTHING down. Music in group classes has physically hurt my ears when I tried to take part without hearing protection. I cannot actually attend a class without them.

Possibly thank me in ten years when you can still hear your kids,or future kids, or nieces and nephews, or any of your friends talking to you from across the room, or your number announced at a popular food truck, or your name called for a spot at the bar, or your partner or spouse telling you to get off your computer.