Mellow Little Person has fallen in love with the pool at LowDramaGramma’s house. Austin has so far had an actual spring, which means that it has been absolutely gorgeous with the occasional evening downpour and flash flood warning; well and some baseball sized hail out southwest, but that is not where our story takes place. Real true spring means that the mornings and evenings, while hardly chilly, are not warm, either. The pool isn’t freezing, exactly, but it is cool enough to make a grownup think twice about dipping in anywhere past ankles. 

Not so for MLP! I thought well, we’ll just let MLP dip feet in- it will be way cold and immediate frantic attempts at exiting will occur. Nope. That is not at all what occurred. Not even a little bit. MLP sat down, stood up, set hands on the pool edge and did squats, bouncing joyously, practically headbanged to dizziness and was clearly as happy as an almost 18 month old can be.

MLP wasn’t the least bit cold. How marvelous.