Do you ever assume that the look on a stranger’s face is about you? I do it. All the time.  I can’t imagine I am the only one.

Do you have extensive dialogue internally? I am fascinated when anyone uses the term “internal monologue”; when I talk things out in my own head, it is always with a sounding board friend. Who could be anyone. Who is imaginary. And exceptionally intelligent. Definitely smarter than I.

Do you stage entire days, weeks, months and years through this dialogue? I am terrible with writing lists, though adore from a distance those who are so good at it.

I use the fake conversations about real topics to map my day. As I am pragmatic to a fault, I find this is as good a flowchart draft as any.

I’m not Lowdramamama because of my natural temperament. I am Lowdramamama because were I not low on the drama scale, I’d be a scattered, tattered, rough-hewn mess!