New toddler obsession: TESTING TESTING TESTING 1, 2, 3…Mellow Little Person likes to say Nah na na na na NO. Frequently. Accompanied by head shaking, mouth-closing and vast sweeping arm movements. But MLP fails simple logic tests: asking “Are you standing up?” (while MLP is standing up in the tub, a favorite and daunting pastime, and MLP answers NA NA NA NA NO); asked “Would you like more oatmeal?” (Opens mouth wide and shakes head, takes giant bite, chews, swallows and says NANANA).  We totally heed MLP’s objections if it is anything to do with something like tickling, swinging, reading a book, actually closing mouth to food- but never with a nonnegotiable like fastening a helmet (to go on a bicycle ride with No-Fuss Dad as I, LDM am way too big a fraidycat to ride a bike or take MLP out on one,) or putting on a hat or sunscreen in the sun.

This, no surprise to anyone who cares for a small person, can create occasional mellow-drama:the no-tears cry-whine-fuss. Indicative of little to no actual suffering, the no-tears cry-whine-fuss is a set of vocalizations that we seek not to indulge or encourage. MLP is smart. THEY ARE ALL SMART. They will figure out what gets you and go for it. Once upon a time we had a dog. Oversimplified principle of training beloved dog: ignore what you don’t like, reward what you do. I hear your bright canines are about on par with your 24-30 month old, or sort of, anyway.So, won’t lie to you readers, aside from the obvious differences- no, we don’t leave MLP alone with a bowl of food, ever- there are just enough similarities (we had already ignored HOURS of high-pitched whining before ever meeting MLP) to get by without too much grief.