Side note: I fidget. Can’t help it. Can barely sit still. Don’t sit next to me at the movies. Or at a serious lecture. Pretty sure Mellow Little Person has inherited this as there is little to no sitting still in daily MLP life.

I recommend fidgeting. It may help you focus. It may help you with some calorie-burning.

Carving out the time for an actual workout can be, to say the least, a challenge. So break it up in to bits.

Chair squats: Sitting in your chair, stagger your feet 8-10 inches, one in front of the other, parallel and outer-hip width. Slide to the front edge of your chair (put the back of a rolling chair against the desk edge or against a wall!!). Put weight in to your heels, sliding to the front edge of the chair seat, hinge slightly forward at your hips, keeping yourself very upright with your belly lifted in and up, and stand up slowly, with control. Lower back down in 3 counts. Repeat 5x- switch other foot in front and repeat. Work up to 10x.

Marches (stolen from Pilates!): Fold your arms in front of you a little below shoulder-height. Pull up through your middle, through the top of your head as if you want to touch the ceiling, or as if you are being measured. In front of an audience. Bend one knee all the way up in front of you and touch your knee to your elbow. Alternate. SILENTLY and QUICKLY. 25X each side.

Stand with your feet outer hip width. Bend knees slightly, bend elbows and lift arms out to your sides. Keep your feet planted, knees bent, and hips as steady as you can; twist just your upper body around as if you are trying to look behind you. Belly in and up. Twist all the way around to look over the other shoulder. Repeat 10x.

What do you do when you only have 5, 10, or 15 minutes? Tell me lowdramamama at gmail dot com