This hasn’t happened to us. YET. Every time (and LMP flies with us and me, a lot, almost every month) I think is this the time? Is it? Please readers, if I LDM am ever on your flight and your kiddo is having a ROUGH TIME, my sympathy is WITH you. If LMP is having a rough time, I seriously pray yours can be with me.

Dear #$&!% Baby

We’ve been lucky enough to take several trips with baby in tow in his first year on Earth. And totally lucky that he is an excellent flier – relatively quiet, sleepy, calm. We have the scheduling thing down: plan flights around feeding times, feed him on take off, enjoy the long nap for the majority of the flight. NAILED IT.

Until the FAA steps in and furloughs the crap out of your best laid plans.

$^%@ you, FAA.

Last week, Little A and I stepped up to the gate in Minneapolis just as they were announcing the 1.5 hour delay. The plane was at the gate. AT. THE. @$#%^ GATE. Delay was caused because of the Air Traffic Controller furlough, blah blah blah. So now there’s a hungry, tired baby who will be forced into a short fast. Otherwise, he will be a wide awake, flailing, screaming baby at 36,000…

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