Raise your hand if you think you could lose 5 or 10 pounds. Raise your hand if you think you need to “tone up”. Raise your hand if you think you’re a little soft around the middle. Now wave your hands around and stop evaluating.  Lower your arms; drop your mental weapons! Quit disparaging yourself. Quit the drama. Choose a new ideal.

Exercise is marketed as the way to lose weight (with slight mention of intake in fine print). Weight loss is marketed as the path to beauty, fitness, and happiness. Which is equated to thinness (thanks, media). Wrong. Thin is a body type, not the ideal body type. The ideal body type is YOURS. It’s the only one you are going to get. Time to work with it.

Exercise is undervalued as a mood stabilizer and mood elevator. It is undersold as a way to improve your body’s ability to regulate its systems. It is undersold as a way to improve sleep, hormonal balance, and energy. When someone embarks on a new exercise regime with the intention of losing weight, and weight loss is gradual or initially not happening, that regime gets dropped, money wasted, and motivation tanked. Sad face.

Stop chasing thin and placing it on a pedestal. Choose a physical goal, a small one, and aim for it with laser focus. You will almost always find that healthier food choices, better sleep, and a lighter mood follow a regular exercise routine.

If you really deeply want to go for weight loss, the only route that gets you to your destination safely and drops you off there with supplies for a nice long stay is the most boring route. And the most boring route is combining healthy intake (happily enjoy real food) with regular expenditures (get sweaty and out of breath).

What is something you like about your physical self? Daily, repeat what you like, and choose something you like about someone else. Something specific. A real feature.

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