Got a toddler? Then you already have a personal trainer. Not that it ever feels quite the same as a professional telling you what to do but here’s an idea: I, Lowdramamama, am a professional and will broadcast ideas each Monday for a 5-10 minute energy boost. You can do this mini-workout at home any time of the day, or in bits and pieces in an office setting (well, some offices).

Monday Mini Workout

In a chair: feet flat on floor, knees bent so feet are right underneath them, lift your heels as high as you can, then lower them and lift your toes up keeping your heels down.15X

Standing with chair behind you as if you are about to sit down: Keep knees behind toes as you bend to sit ALMOST all the way in to the chair, pause, push in to your heels and slowly straighten your legs back to standing. Note: can be done at edge of any piece of furniture on which you can sit down.  12X

Side leg swings: Hold on to something for balance. Keep legs straight. Lift one leg out to your side, keeping your knee and toes facing straight ahead. Swing the leg in front of you across as far as you can than back out to the side and set it down. Alternate sides. Don’t kick any pets, kids, colleagues, spouses or furniture. Ow.  I may have kicked the highchair just this morning. 12X each side.

When is your favorite time to work out? Tell me: lowdramamama at gmail dot com